Ashley, Timothy R. – Ph.D.

Research Professor

Bell, Marty – Ph.D.

Adjunct in Christian Heritage at Central TN

Campbell-Reed, Eileen – Ph.D.

Coord. for Coaching, Mentoring & Internship / Assoc. Prof. of Practical Theology, Central TN

Cardenas, Eleanor – D.Min.

Assistant Professor, Adjunct in Proclamation

Carlson, Ronald – D.Min.

Visiting Professor of Missional Church Studies

Dr. F. Michael Grubbs

Assistant Professor Specialist in Counseling

Dr. Larry Cornine

Administrator of Counseling Programs & Associate Professor of Counseling

Dr. Lindsay Bonebrake

Director of the MA in Counseling Program

Guinn, Stephen J. – M.Div., Ed.S.

Associate Dean for Instructional Support and Student Success

Harrison, Ircel – D.Min.

Supplemental Faculty, Ministry Praxis

Hartsfield II, Wallace S. – Ph.D.

Fred E. Young Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible

Holt, Sally – Ph.D.

Central Tennessee Site Coordinator, Adjunct in Ethics and Theology

Hunt, Greg – Ph.D.

Research Professor

Johnson, Rebecca – D.M.A.

Director of Sacred Arts / Chapel Musician

Johnson, Robert E. – Ph.D.

Provost & Dean of the Seminary/ Professor of Christian Heritage

Jones IV, John – Ph.D.

Central WI Site Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Adjunct in Theology and Ethics

Kilmer, Julie – Ph.D.

Ann Arbor, MI Site Coordinator and Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics

May, David M. – Ph.D.

Professor of New Testament & Director of MA(TS) Program

McCray, Trinette – D.Min.

Assistant Professor, Adjunct in Ministry Praxis and Worship

Park, John Sungchang – Ph.D.

Dir. of DMin. Program & Asst. Prof. of Congregational Health

Park, Samuel – Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Practical Theo. & Contextual Min. Ed. / Dir. of Korean Missional Church Programs

Rosell, Ruth Lofgren – Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology & Counseling, Director of Contextualized Learning & Director of the Buttry Center for Peace and Nonviolence

Rosell, Tarris – Ph.D., D.Min.

Professor of Pastoral Theology--Ethics & Ministry Praxis

Shin, Kwangsup – Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Missional Church Studies

Stewart, Sheryl – Ph.D.

Director of Language Development and Curriculum Implementation

Thomas, Vance M. – M.A., M.L.I.S.

Director of the Library

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