Hanmook Lee

Supplemental Lecturer in Christian Education

I am thankful for serving at CBTS by sharing my faith and learning with students and colleagues and enjoy teaching Biblical literature along with Christian classical literature.  I am stunned by students’ insights on new perspectives and interpretations.  In fact, I learned the most from my students and colleagues at CBTS.   I believe the most important mission of Christian institutions is the integration of learning, faith, and practice in our aspects of the curriculum.  I want to promote academic excellence and Christian faith through Christian education with all my heart and soul.  All my teaching and research career focuses on combining Christian faith with truth so that Christian communities impact the world.  I want to dedicate all my life to promote students’ Christian faith, learning, and practice through biblical education.  Therefore, I give my students a biblical basis for learning, interpretations, and practice in our faith and use the Bible to interpret important ideas and themes in our lives.