Joshua R. Paszkiewicz

Supplemental Assistant Professor of Counseling

The Rev. Dr. Joshua R. Paszkiewicz is a licensed psychotherapist, registered nurse, and board-certified clinical chaplain with a special interest in exploring the intersection of the bio-psycho-spiritual nexus of life. Josh has clinical experience in hospital, rehabilitation, private practice, and community-based settings, in addition to a background in congregational and public ministry with an interfaith focus. He has nearly a decade of experience in leading graduate-level clinical training programs at the national scale.

Dr. Paszkiewicz completed a clinical residency in pastoral care at the University of Kansas Hospital, an internship in psychodynamic counseling with Whole Health KC, and a fellowship in psychoanalytic thought with the Greater Kansas City Psychoanalytic Institute. Josh holds additional credentials in fields as diverse as epidemiology and culinary arts. Josh deeply values the world’s living wisdom traditions, and to this end, he has lived in Hindu Ashrams in India, trained and taught in Buddhist temples around the world, completed retreats in Catholic monasteries, and served as an official delegate White House faith leaders conferences and UN academic summits. 

Josh lives in Merriam, Kansas, with his husband and their beloved chihuahua Tico, where he spends his free time reading, writing, cooking, and teaching traditional martial arts.