International Students

Information and Resources for International Students (F-1 Visa)

Welcome to the Central’s International Students page.  Here, you will find forms, links, and information to guide and advise you during your studies at Central.

NOTE: All forms and documents can be submitted to the International Student Office by using the contact form below.

Important Forms

Here are some online forms for our current F-1 VISA Students:

Current students can also find many more forms related to enrollment status in the Populi student information system.

Maintaining Your Status

  • Maintain Your Status
  • Study in the States
    • Enroll
      • Need to be enrolled for full time each term.
      • Only one online course (up to 3 credits) is allowed per term. NOTE: Due to the pandemic, SEVP has made a temporary allowance for more online coursework. Please check with the DSO for further details.
      • Students needing a reduced course load due to medical or academic reasons, should request an RCL from the DSO.
      • NOTE: your I-20 needs to be activated at the beginning of every term (after your registration is verified).
      • I-20 documents will only be emailed to the student’s CBTS email address.

About the I-20 document

The I-20 is a US government document that verifies your status as a student at a school in the US. It must be updated anytime there are changes to your information and enrollment status. The I-20 is required for visa appointment and should be kept with the student at all times. NOTE: I-20 documents will only be emailed to CBTS email addresses.

  • I-20 Reprint Request online form
  • Transfer your I-20 to CBTS
    • Get accepted at Central Seminary (CBTS) (Apply Now)
    • Submit your Admission Letter & Foreign Student Advisor Report to your current school
    • After your current school’s International Student Advisor submits the International Student Transfer Form & your I-20 released by your current school, you will be required to register for full time at CBTS to maintain your VISA.
  • Transfer your I-20 out of CBTS
    • Get accepted to another SEVP certified school
    • Submit your new Admission Letter and any other documents required by your new school to CBTS
    • Submit anF-1 SEVIS Transfer Out Request form to indicate your transfer & to drop your remaining courses
  • Obtain an F-1 VISA from out of the U.S.
    • Get accepted at CBTS (Apply Now)
    • Receive CBTS I-20 and admission letter for submission to your consulate or embassy in the U.S. (Click here for Embassy Links) & wait to receive your F-1 VISA.
    • When you receive your F-1 VISA, please note your program start date; you are allowed entrance to the U.S. 30 days or less before your program start date.
    • After you arrive in the U.S., please notify CBTS of your arrival and complete the following:
      • Submit your most recent I-94 to CBTS
      • Submit a copy of your approved VISA and Passport to CBTS
      • Inform CBTS of your address in the U.S.
      • Enroll for full-time at CBTS
  • Reinstatement
    • After your I-20 gets terminated (when you fail to maintain your F-1 Status, or due to no fault of your own), you have two options to regain your F-1 Status:
      • Depart the U.S. and receive a new I-20 (see ‘Obtain an F-1 VISA from out of the U.S.’ above) *no guarantee of approval*
      • Apply for reinstatement while staying in the U.S.


  • It is a good idea to have a plan for after you complete your program. Here are some of the options you have:
    • Apply for Post-Completion OPT (see Employment section below)
    • Apply and be admitted to another program at CBTS
    • Be admitted and transfer to another institution in the U.S.
    • Depart the U.S. (grace period is 60 days after your degree completion or OPT completion)
    • Apply & receive approval for change of status from USCIS (Click Here)


The employment opportunities for F-1 visa holders is restricted. Working without prior authorization is not allowed. Here are the employment options for international students:


Here is some important information related to the admission and documentation process:

  • The application for international students requires additional documentation, such as proof of finances and a copy of passport. Please get all the documentation prepared and submitted with your application materials.
  • Students for whom English IS NOT their first language will need to show proof of English proficiency during the admission process.
  • Central does not have full scholarships available to cover tuition and housing. International students will need to their own money or financial support from a sponsor to cover their costs.
  • The I-20 document will be emailed only after the student is admitted and has signed the new student enrollment agreement.

Students who wish to remain outside the United States and study online should contact an admission advisor for information about scheduling and available programs.

Upload Documents Here

ISO Contact Form

International Student FAQs

Please see below for answers to our most common questions related to international students.

What is the process for becoming an F-1 student?

International students must first be admitted to the school before they receive documentation to apply for an F-1 visa. In addition to the regular application information and documents, international students must submit financial documents to prove their ability to pay for one year of their program and other identity documents, such as the copy of their passport.

What is the process for transferring from another US school to Central?

Potential transfer students must complete the admission process first. Once admitted to the seminary, the admission letter and transfer form will be sent to the student. The student can then send the admission letter and transfer form to their current school to start the I-20 transfer process.

Which programs are approved to host F-1 students?

Our Master’s and Doctoral level programs are approved to host F-1 students. On the Diploma level, only the Christian Formation in the Korean department is approved. None of our certificate programs are approved to host F-1 students.