Counseling Resources for Students

Counseling Resources for Students

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger and in the United States, please call 911.

The information on this page is provided to aid students in their general mental wellness while attending Central Seminary. The tools and links found below are resources for understanding your current level of health. Being a healthy ministry leader, chaplain, counselor, and service practitioner encompasses your physical, spiritual, social, and mental/emotional wellbeing.

If you need to talk with a trained professional, please use the assessments and resources on this page for assistance.

Crisis Intervention

These resources are also helpful in crisis situations:


MindWise Innovations – free mental health self assessment for individuals and members of the military

Free self assessments for the following:

Culturally Specific Resources

Find a Counselor Near You

If you would like to locate a licensed counselor, please click on the resources below to help you initiate a search.

Student Success Check-In

If you would like to talk with a student success advisor about issues related to your academic work and your ability to complete your assignments due to personal issues, please complete the Student Success Check-In form and the appropriate advisor will provide you assistance. Please note: student success personnel are not licensed counselors.