Who We Are

Who is Central Seminary?

Central Seminary, headquartered in Shawnee, Kansas, celebrated our 121st  anniversary in 2022 (learn more about our history here). From its founding, Central has worked to continually adapt to the ever-changing world. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to creating an inclusive learning environment where students from varied ethnic, geographical, and theological backgrounds can pursue postsecondary seminary education that is accessible, affordable, and effective.

While our administrative headquarters is in Shawnee, the seminary’s community of faculty and students extends well beyond with 7 other sites in 5 states and 2 international educational partnerships. In the spring of 2023, Central enrolled 492 students in our diploma, master, and doctoral-level programs, which are offered in both English and Korean. Those students are scattered across 25 different states within the U.S. and in 15 countries and hold citizenship from 12 countries. In recent years, our seminary has been on the leading edge of providing theological education that is inclusive of technological proficiency, and currently, most course offerings are provided virtually.


Central prepares leaders for seeking God, shaping the church, and serving humanity and all creation.

Unique Value Proposition 

Central Seminary prepares students with the theological knowledge, spiritual insight, and practical skills needed to lead in an ever-changing world by cultivating an inclusive, cross-cultural community of reflection, critical thinking, and discernment.

Our Values

We are dedicated to providing an inclusive environment where students from every background can pursue post-secondary seminary education that is accessible, affordable, and effective.


We build authentic relationships and deep connections among students, faculty, staff, alumni, board members, partners, and all friends of Central. We gather to worship and pray. We come together to celebrate our successes and tackle our challenges. We are open and honest. We collaborate and convene, knowing that we can achieve our shared vision by aligning our goals and leveraging our unique strengths.


We are compassionate and caring. We listen, learn, and connect. We celebrate difference, seek to understand each other, pursue justice in the world around us, and put our faith into action. We practice humility and kindness, and strive to create spaces that are welcoming, inclusive, and equitable.


We are lifelong learners who crave growth, strive for excellence, and seek to serve God. We look for opportunities to challenge ourselves, build new skillsets, and expand our ways of thinking. We pursue knowledge through study and experiential learning. We believe all people are made in the image of God and can develop to their full potential with passion, determination, and support.


We lead with courage, faith, and hope in the face of uncertainty. Our adaptability and resourcefulness empower us to be innovative and creative. We dream big and take action to pursue purposeful transformation in ourselves and the world around us.

What Sets Central Apart



Central Seminary offers low tuition rates and institutional scholarship assistance is available to all degree-seeking students. Individualized payment plans are also available for all students.



Central Seminary is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.



Most programs are offered fully online through live sessions which offers real-time interaction and collaboration with faculty and other students. All our online theological programs are carefully curated and leverage the latest innovations to bring the same high-quality educational experience to students at every level in any location.



Online education gives you the ability to build a convenient schedule that compliments other responsibilities in your life. This format allows you to progress through your program at your own pace and from anywhere in the world. Whether you are interested in earning academic credit or pursuing non-credit programs, you can take advantage of a seamless admissions and registration process that makes it easy to get started.



Central Seminary is a truly diverse institution. Students come from all around the world, representing many different denominations and religious traditions. Central Seminary offers cutting-edge academic programs in a wide range of subjects and languages, catering to students with a variety of educational backgrounds and interests.

Future is Central Logo

Living into the Future

Three strategic initiatives designed to lead us into the future, continuing the seminary’s commitment to delivering excellent theological education while also addressing the shifting ministry needs of our world. These initiatives will allow Central to remain laser-focused on our mission of preparing leaders for seeking God, shaping the church, and serving humanity and all creation. The courageous implementation of these initiatives will ensure that our seminary will continue to serve the church and the world for many decades to come.

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Central Seminary opened on October 21, 1902 with four faculty members and six enrolled students.

Central Seminary is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission and the Association of Theological Schools.

A message from president Pamela R. Durso, the 11th president of Central Seminary

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