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What is ReShaping Church?

ReShaping Church is a guided process for capturing and integrating the innovation and adaptation resulting from disruptive life experiences, transforming churches into greater expressions of the body of Christ.

Central Seminary’s ReShaping Church: Thriving Congregations program is a partnership with Pinnacle Leadership Associates and generously funded by the Lilly Endowment.

Why Participate in ReShaping Church?

How has your church responded to the multiple crises and pandemics we have and continue to face? How will you decide which aspects of yesterday’s “normal” are worth keeping and which ones to let go? What happens when pastoring during a pandemic, leading in a liminal season, or responding to a crisis lasts much longer than you expected?  What will a “new normal” look like for your congregation as it seeks to be transformed and to transform?

If you are thinking about these topics, you are not alone. Faith leaders and communities all over the country are asking the same questions. Central Seminary invites you to join the dialogue with other pastors and churches for reflecting on unpredictable experiences, processing them in community, and using them to grow more fully into your unique expression of the Body of Christ.


Who Can Participate in ReShaping Church?

ALL are invited! ReShaping Church is open to congregations of any size, in any denomination, domestic or international.

About Pinnacle Leadership Associates. Since 2008, Pinnacle Leadership Associates has served thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations including ministers, lay leaders, chaplains, and denominational representatives. Ecumenically focused from the start, they believe in “living and working on purpose.”


ReShaping Church
For those new to ReShaping Church

ReShaping Church 1.0 is the signature program of this initiative.
Application deadline – January 15, 2023; New Cohort begins early February

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ReShaping Church: The Next Step
For those who have completed ReShaping Church

We are delighted to announce Reshaping Church: The Next Step for those congregations who have moved through the Reshaping Church Initiative. Whether you completed Reshaping Church through Central Seminary or through Pinnacle Leadership Associates, your church is invited to take the next step toward living into your calling as expressed in your Ministry Guide. Reshaping Church: The Next Step is designed for that exact purpose, progressing toward living the mission.

There are two activities in Reshaping Church: The Next Step.

Seminar and Design Lab

These seven gatherings are designed to give church leaders direction toward ongoing growth and leadership. ReShape author Mark Tidsworth will present six key moves which influence progress in this current situation. Participants will find this presentation stimulating and encouraging, providing insights for leading in mission-congruent ways, living into your ministry guides.

The second component of the monthly gathering will be a Design Lab. Each congregation and their coach will explore a specific strategic opportunity through a structured design process. In every monthly cohort gathering one congregation will present their Design Lab case study for discussion, feedback, and encouragement. This Design Lab component provides a platform for churches to engage in practical reflection on their ReShaping journey and develop actionable plans to further their mission within their context.

Reshape Coaching

Each participating congregation has the opportunity to partner with a Reshape coach for very personalized support, encouragement, insight, and movement.

Total Cost to Participate – $500

We are grateful for The Lilly Endowment who provides grant assistance, underwriting the majority of the cost for Reshaping Church: The Next Step.

Registration Deadline – March 1, 2023

For more information contact Rhonda Hetzel at

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For more information:

Rhonda Hetzel
Program Director, Reshaping Church: Thriving Congregations