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Shumaker Library at Central Seminary includes the following online resources, available online 24-hours a day, 7 days per week. A wealth of books, articles, videos, and curated web resources are available through the Digital Theological Library, along with Chat service. Please ask whenever you need assistance!

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About the Digital Theological Library (DTL)

Shumaker Library at Central Seminary is a member of the Digital Theological Library (DTL).

DTL is “a co-owned, born-digital library of religious and theological studies.” In other words, it is an organization that was formed and is sustained by member institutions (18 schools at present) who pool their financial resources to obtain access to digital resources that would be too costly to license independently. Indeed, the stated mission of the DTL is “to provide its co-owning institutions with the highest quality digital resources in religious and theological studies at the lowest possible costs.”

DTL holdings as of this writing are as follows: over 600,000 ebooks; over 37,000 journal and magazine titles with more than 66,000,000 articles and reviews; over 80,000 music recordings; and over 60,000 videos.

Korean-speaking students at Central have access to databases hosted by the National Library of Korean, that includes ebooks and for articles with a sizable volume of resources in Korean.

Current Central students, staff, and faculty are able to access resources in the DTL from remote locations using their CBTS account.

About Shumaker Library

Shumaker Library is named for Ms. Dianne Shumaker, who gave the lead gift for the renovation and expressed her delight in having the library so named. “Philosophically,” said Shumaker, “my relationship with Central Seminary is ‘what God wants.’ I feel blessed to be a contributor to this greater good. Being part of the library is a special joy – I love books and have an extensive library of my own.”