Sheryl Lee Stewart

Director of Language Development and Curriculum Implementation

CV for Sheryl L Stewart

Serving as a faculty member at Central is a serendipitous bonus career that followed many years of working with teenagers in high school classrooms and my teaching colleagues as we forged curricular pathways. When I retired from the Independence School District in 2007, I knew I was not finished making contributions in the world, but I did not know what came next. Not that far from my own doctoral graduation in middle age, I realized that working with adult learners brought a different set of joys and challenges than those of the tumultuous teen years. When I was asked to consult on the creation of a writing class for master’s program at Central and began assisting students with writing for their classes here, I knew that God had led me to this place. My doctoral work on curriculum and instruction was helpful in forming an orientation course for new faculty to help create bonds of community and belonging even among geographically far-flung colleagues. I relish each new term and the students brought into my life. It is a privilege and a joy to be among those who are called to minister to humanity and creation here at Central.