My nickname is Korean Dynamo. It is a nickname that a professor of preaching at Dallas Theological Seminary gave during a preaching class. This implies preaching with passion. Among my many nicknames, this is my favorite. This is because I am happy when I teach and preach the Bible. The reason I teach at Central Baptist Theological Seminary is to train other Bible teachers and Korean Dynamos. Whenever I see students in Central Seminary being trained as God's people, ministering to the local church, community, and the kingdom of God, I get a great reward for teaching in the seminary. I hope this will continue until the Lord comes again.

My greatest moments are found spending time with my lovely wife and two sons: David and Paul. My first son, David, is a Red Raider student (Texas Tech), and my second son, Paul, really enjoys playing the viola in his High school orchestra. He is a member of the full region orchestra.

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