Carol A. Korak

Supplemental Assistant Professor, Christian Heritage

Dr. Korak’s education includes both a Master’s degree in Theological Studies and Doctor of Philosophy in Historical Theology and Church History from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. In her courses, she transports students back in time to journey through the history of Christian thought and practice. This allows students to deepen their knowledge base and gain a deeper understanding of the foundations of their faith.  On these journeys, students read the writings of theologians of the time and are challenged to identify how the political, philosophical, and cultural norms of each time and place influences Christianity’s development in order to glean what can be learned from their struggles and apply to their ministry today. They are also encouraged to discern their own faith and doctrine of God so they may effectively share it and its message of hope with others.

“It is a privilege and a blessing to be part of this caring and diverse body of seekers and learners, where faculty and staff are eager to accompany students during their seminary journey.”