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Scholastica Survey 2018

We invite you to take the 2018 Scholastica Survey (right here on this page!) and be part of strengthening our shared support of women in ministry this coming year! For more information about… Read more »

Closing the Confidence Gap

By Eileen R. Campbell-Reed Molly T. Marshall, president of Central Seminary, spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of seminary students, mentors, and ministers recently in Nashville, Tennessee about the “confidence gap” that challenges… Read more »

Preview Weekend

Women’s Leadership Initiative September 29-30 in Nashville, Tennessee Join us for one or all the events of this preview weekend to learn what the Women’s Leadership initiative is all about. We look… Read more »

Chipping Away at the Stained Glass Ceiling

By Eileen Campbell-Reed  Are you thinking it’s time for seminary? Are you a woman called to ministry? Do you find yourself looking up at that stained glass ceiling and wondering, how will… Read more »

Mothering like God

By Kelly Moreland Jones On this weekend when the secular calendar demands our attention to the matter of mothering I am reminded of Raquel Contreras’s words at the recent Baptist Women In… Read more »

Women Need A Sisterhood in Seminary

By Alisha Smith Haddock We have a unique opportunity at this present time, to support called women of God.  Women deserve the specific support of other women as we go out and… Read more »

Celebrate Women in Ministry Week ~ April 3 to 7

Join us the first full week of April in celebrating your call to ministry! There is no wrong time to celebrate the wonder and joy of God’s calling in our lives. Even… Read more »

Self Care of the Body

By Marie C. King Preparing the body for renewal is an Advent practice. For deep renewal, the body requires rest and will show us signs when we are “running on empty.”  Healthy habits… Read more »

Your Life, Your Death, Your Choice

By Jennifer Hundley Batts Thomas   What will be most important to you at the end of your life? That your family is accepting of your death? That you can keep your… Read more »

Can’t Talk Politics? Play “Go Wish”

By Mary S. Price   Don’t want to talk politics this holiday season? Play “Go Wish!” Families and friends may be uncomfortable discussing your health wishes until they have to, and technology is a… Read more »

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