Creative Leadership and Missional Church

Director of DMin Program to Lead Training in Myanmar

  Dr. John Park, Des Peres Assistant Professor of Congregational Health and Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program, will lead a full day of church leadership training for the alumni/ae of… Read more »

The Lost Discipline of Conversation: Surprising Lessons in Spiritual Formation Drawn from the English Puritans: Book Review

The book I reviewed for the journal Review & Expositor is about the means of grace, specifically the lost discipline of conversation also known as “conference” or “holy conference” by English Puritans. This… Read more »

People Play Major Role in Doctor of Ministry Cuban Immersion

Reflection from Dr. John Park, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program   I was supposed to go to Cuba with 2017 cohort last year, but I couldn’t because my U.S. passport… Read more »

Jay Thornton: Testimony

  Today we visited River of God Baptist Church in Santiago de Cuba. We met with Pastor Alexander and his wife Selania, and we were honored to be invited to join a… Read more »

Jay Thornton: Urgency

During my preparation for the trip to Cuba I thought a lot about these words from Paul Tillich, “In order to know what is just in a person-to-person encounter, love listens. It… Read more »

Christy Ridings: Pastor! Pastor!

  “Pastor! Pastor!” was a common thing to hear as our cohort walked down the street with our host Pastor Joey. People would shout from down the street, from the windows of… Read more »

Richard Ashley, DMin Student: Cuban Ministry Leaders Exude Creative Confidence

The immersion trip to Cuba had a profound impact on my ongoing thinking about ministry. While the trip was not intended to coincide with this class, I believe that it was fortuitous…. Read more »

John Park: Following Jesus at the Intersection of Doctoral Studies and “Ta Ethne” (people groups)

“Drawing the World Together” Advent Blog Series   “The world is at our doorstep” is now a cliché, because the world has been with us for ages. Globalization is a major player…. Read more »

My Vision for Central by John Park, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program

When I think about the vision for Central, I think about a community that has a strong sense of community, like a big tree planted by streams of water, it provides a shade… Read more »

Central Doctor of Ministry Graduates Encourage Innovative Ministry

Central Seminary’s Doctor of Ministry program is designed to equip ministry leaders with skills to develop and grow group vision for producing fresh, relevant solutions; help them lead ministry communities, organizations, and… Read more »

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