Creative Leadership and Missional Church

The Old has Passed Away

Innovation is a grass-roots process.  Until a leader comes to understand this statement, innovation will continue to be seen as something that is done by a select few in a limited number… Read more »

Take It to the Streets

You’ve seen it happen.  A motivated, well-meaning group of leaders decides to provide a ministry, program, or outreach that will change the lives of a particular segment of the population. They gather… Read more »

Leading Innovation

We cannot motivate others.  We can provide an environment in which people can become motivated, but real motivation comes from within. In the same way, a leader cannot make people into innovators. … Read more »

Culture Matters

Dr. Terrell Carter is something of a “renaissance man.”  A former police officer, artist, entrepreneur, pastor, and academic, Dr. Carter has a new book coming from Wipf and Stock in the fall… Read more »

Nurturing Curiosity and Creativity

  When did the need for structure first begin to limit your creativity?  I think it began for me in kindergarten when the teacher insisted that I had to color within the… Read more »


In the Doctor of Ministry in Creative Leadership, three threads are identified that are woven into the various courses.  So what are threads? The idea of “threaded themes” was first introduced by… Read more »

Why the Doctor of Ministry in Creative Leadership?

Choosing a degree program is a big challenge.  When we talk with prospective students about the new Doctor of Ministry curriculum, there are a number of questions.  Some deal with scheduling and… Read more »

Understanding Yourself

The Greek philosopher Socrates is credited with the quote, “Know thyself.” This good advice, but something we often ignore. In the Doctor of Ministry in Creative Leadership, significant emphasis will be placed… Read more »

Who Should Pursue the Doctor of Ministry Degree at Central?

  These are the people seated around the table:  the pastor of a mainline denomination grappling with the next challenge for her congregation; the executive director of a faith-based community organization facing… Read more »

Leadership is Not a Solitary Task

Dr. Molly Marshall, president of Central Seminary, was asked recently to speak to a Doctor of Ministry seminar on “Entrepreneurial Leadership” and share some of the things she has learned in leading… Read more »

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