Beyond the Divisions: Faith and Politics 2020

Incarnational Voting

By Rick Jordan The Hip-Hop musical “Hamilton” features a song called “The Room Where It Happens.” During the song, Aaron Burr’s character sings, “Hold your nose and close your eyes!” This phrase… Read more »

How Does a Nationalistic Theology Measure up against Biblical Faith?

by Terrell Carter Throughout our nation’s history, Christianity has taken the shape that most benefits those who hold the greatest power to help them move their agendas forward. It has been used… Read more »

Healing the Divided Self

by Joshua Paul Smith A few years ago, I found myself sitting in a trendy coffee shop near downtown Denver, surrounded by tattooed hipsters and graduate students staring at computer screens in… Read more »

Ears to Hear: Listening as a Political Act*

LeAnne DeTar Newbert Question: How are the Necker cubeꭝ and today’s political environment alike? Answer: The same set of facts can generate both different and legitimate perspectives. Social scientists tell us that… Read more »

The Christian Citizen: Gospel, Conscience, and Dissent

Bill J. Leonard E Pluribus Unum, the founders declared of their new American Republic, “Out of Many, One.” From thirteen furiously independent and diverse colonies would come “one nation,” (“under God,” we… Read more »

The Necessary Disciple: The Call of Radical-Revolutionary Work

Rev. Dr. Trinette V. McCray “You can pray until you faint, but unless you get up and try to do something, God is not going to put it in your lap.” – Fannie Lou Hamer How do I, an African… Read more »

Wisdom Seeks a Third Way: The Congregational Dimension of Christian Citizenship

by Rev. Dr. Rhonda Abbott Blevins Visit a Christian church in the United States today, and you might spot two flags on the chancel: an American flag and a Christian flag. Nothing… Read more »

Christian Public Engagement and Christians of Three Sorts

Rev Tarris Rosell, Ph.D., D.Min. How do Christians, members of the Body of Christ, engage the body politic? As with many ethics questions, the most fitting response begins with, “It depends.” On… Read more »

Christian Citizenship Means Somebody’s Calling My Name

by Darryl Aaron Editor’s Note: This opinion piece, originally created for use in this opinion series, was published first in Baptist News Global on July 15 and is now being used here… Read more »

Relational Wisdom for a Political Season

by David May Politics is a year-round sport, but the season is intensifying with the coming of the 2020 Presidential election.  With it, relationships between family members, friends, and strangers will become… Read more »

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