Central Seminary Launches Opinion Series: Beyond the Divisions – Faith and Politics 20/20

To encourage constructive conversation about faith and politics in a consequential election year and amid serious cultural upheaval, Central Baptist Theological Seminary is offering a blog series entitled, “Beyond the Divisions: Faith and Politics 20/20.” Each week until Election Day, November 3, a different writer will provide insight and perspective related to Christian citizenship in a polarized nation.The opinion articles will explore ways to engage actively in civic life while transcending the conventional “left-right” polarities – inwardly, relationally, publicly, and congregationally. The articles will aim at the possibility that we might actually be what God calls us to be: the salt and light of the world.



The first article, by Central’s leadership series coordinator and project curator Greg Hunt, Ph.D., introduces the theme of the “Beyond the Divisions” series and frames the conversation for subsequent opinion pieces. Readers can access his article – “Beyond the Divisions: 5 Guiding Principles for Christian Citizenship in a Polarized Nation” – and continue following the series by going to Central’s homepage (www.cbts.edu) and clicking the prominently displayed icon for the series, a red, white, and blue lamb.

Of further note is that readers are encouraged to respond to the posts with written perspective of their own. Those so interested can submit their opinion pieces to Greg Hunt (ghunt@cbts.edu) for possible publication in the blog series.

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