Seminary Life

Spiritual Life

We are made in the image of God and are called to continue to be formed by God’s Spirit. That understanding is the foundation for the three aspects of Central’s mission – seeking God, shaping church, and serving humanity.

Spiritual formation is at the heart of all we do at Central. In addition to the formative experiences of meeting in class and the accompanying individual study, the community regularly meets for worship and table fellowship. The academic curriculum incorporates mission experiences and extracurricular activities which also provide opportunities for transformation no matter if a student is physically on campus, in a Central learning center or in a remote learning environment.

You are invited to be a part of the practices of faith followed by the seminary community:

Community Life

Students, faculty, and administrators work together to devise and carry out seminary initiatives.   Student representatives attend board meetings and serve with faculty and staff on varied task forces and teams.

Seminary activities – both virtually and face-to-face across our different learning locations – provide opportunities to share experiences and concerns, offer support, and strengthen community life.

Central’s enhanced technological environment offers students the chance to enter into dialogue and build lines of communication, engagement, and learning within and beyond the physical limitations of Central’s seminary communities.

Growing through shared community events enable students to mature in appreciation and understanding of varied worship traditions that reflect the rich ecumenical, cultural, and ethnic diversity of Central’s student body, faculty, and staff. Chapels, other times of worship and prayer, and special events are scheduled regularly during the academic year. These provide all students (local and remote) with opportunities for spiritual formation in community, both virtually or face-to-face on the student’s own terms.

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