Korean Master of Christian Care and Counseling Program

Master of Christian Care and Counseling for Korean Students

Do you want to gain the knowledge, insight, and performance-based skills to become a leader in your church or another faith setting? Are you a Korean speaker with a passion for providing care and counsel to persons in need? If so, the Master of Christian Care and Counseling (MCCC) program at Central Seminary can be an effective way build your knowledge and skills. The learning outcomes in the MCCC program will equip you to provide spiritual care and counseling in many different settings.

Take a few moments to review our Master of Christian Care and Counseling program and learn more about the benefits of enrolling at Central Seminary. Once you are ready to learn more or start the application process, simply use the contact form to connect with our advisors. We hope to be a part of your journey, no matter which vocational path you pursue.



Students take a three courses each semester. Courses meet online and in person.



The program can be completed in two years of full-time study.



Excellent tuition rates, scholarships, and payments plans make your education affordable.

What to Expect in the MCCC Program?

The important purpose of the MCCC program is to help you transition from your education directly into ministry work that aligns with your desire to help people through difficult periods in their life. The program begins with an immersion into the theological and theoretical foundations of counseling and caring ministries. Students then move into more advanced study of contextual ministry and skill development through practice in the classroom and internships. Students who become graduates are committed to spiritual growth, empathy toward others, and being a healing presence for hurting people.

Purpose & Outcomes

This program prepares, trains, and nurtures competent Christian caregivers and counselors by providing effective helping theories and skills necessary for diverse contexts.

Learning Outcomes

Students completing the degree will be able to:

  • Articulate appropriate theological, contextual, and practical understandings of Christian ministries
  • Demonstrate knowledge of helping theories and skills fundamental for a variety of ministry settings
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate theological tenets with helping ministry skills in giving care and counseling
  • Demonstrate the ability to engage in competent care for those seeking guidance and healing
  • Demonstrates commitment to continuing growth in personal and spiritual maturity

Courses & Schedule

Languages Offered In: Korean

Program Length: 36 credits - 2 years (full-time status = 9 or more credits per term)

Calendar: Two 15-week semesters per academic year

New students can begin in any Fall or Spring term. Students will attend class on the Shawnee, KS campus one week per term.


Care and Counseling in Multicultural Contexts 다문화상황에서의 돌봄과 상담
Theology and Caring Ministry 신학과 돌봄사역
Helping Relationship: Identity, Ethics, and Process 돌봄관계: 정체성, 윤리, 상담과정
Development Across the Life Span 성장발달이론
Personality Theories and Psychotherapy 성격이론과 심리치료
Marriage and Family Counseling 결혼과 가족상담
Counseling Theories 상담이론 특강
Theories and Skills for Coaching 코칭의 이론과 실제
Counseling Skills and Techniques 상담의 실제와 방법론
Theories and Skills for Chaplaincy 채플린사역의 이론과 실제
Supervised Internship I 현장실습 I*
Supervised Internship II 현장실습 II*

*2 units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) may meet the internship requirement

Tuition & Fees

Tuition - $365 per credit

Registration Fee - $250 per term

Graduation Fee - $200

(Amounts shown are for current academic year and only represent basic costs. Consult the current academic catalog for complete financial information.)

After You Complete the MCCC Program

Once you are finished with the MCCC program, the goal for each student is to apply their knowledge and skills to be a caring leader in their community. Whether you want to work full-time or part-time in a church or ministry-related organization, we help you to achieve that transition. Many of our students work outside their church in their larger community. Ministry is evolving in a technological age where spiritual care is increasingly important. As the future of ministry continues to emerge, churches and people will always need listeners and caregivers.

Benefits of Attending Central Seminary

At Central Seminary, we welcome students from all over the world with a shared purpose of serving humanity through vocational paths. That is also why learning outcomes are designed to help students prepare for ministry in global and multicultural contexts. In the MCCC, coursework will reflect the need for students to work with a wide range of people, and ethnicities.

Central Seminary also offers opportunities for continuing education that are free for anyone interested in participating. These special programs are typically offered in online formats, which makes it convenient for most students to participate. When you are part of the Central Seminary community, we encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities for self-growth and networking with like-minded seminarians.

We also encourage students to embody an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit as they approach their education. With us, you can benefit from personal and spiritual growth while working to create positive, lasting change in the world through ministry work. While students in the MCCC are required to take this program at our Shawnee, KS location, we incorporate technology into the delivery of curricula as much as possible. As a result, seminary students with busy lives can pursue their ministry education, without putting their current work and family responsibilities on hold.

Ready to Learn More About the MCCC Program?

Contact us today to learn more about our Master of Christian Care and Counseling program. Our advisors are ready to answer your questions about the enrollment process, financial aid, and other areas that impact your decision to move forward. Thank you for considering Central Seminary. We hope to be a part of your spiritual journey towards an impactful ministry practice.

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