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A New Generation Seminary with a 120 Year Legacy




For over a century, Central has cultivated its legacy to form the heart, train the mind, and inspire the spirit of our students and graduates.

With this legacy as foundation, we now help a new generation of faith-based individuals craft the future with God and build the new global Christian community through empathic and compassionate action that leads to progressive, purposeful change.

Built on a Legacy of Growing the Global Christian Community & Dialog: With eleven US and international locations supported by remote courses of study, Central is dedicated to being a relevant voice in the evolving global Christian community. We help each student develop their own distinctive voice as members of their own community and the world at large.

An Evolving Integrated & Innovative Curriculum: Central’s curriculum is not only designed to teach the “essentials” required for any course of study in innovative ways, but it also integrates threads of learning across subjects areas to enhance greater understanding and relevance to today’s world.

An Acclaimed Faculty with an Emphasis on Disciplined, Classical Study with “Real World” Relevance: Led by an expert and humanly-engaged faculty, Central is committed to a strong emphasis on the classical disciplines of biblical, theological, historical, and ethical studies. Complemented with on-going student mentoring, this disciplined approach is designed to allow all students to excel in reaching their course or degree goals.

An Inclusive, Diverse, and Cross-Cultural Student Body: The richness of diversity and engaging voices of different ages, races, ethnicities, genders, orientations and faith traditions enable us to have a distinctive and relevant voice in global Christianity. This also contributes to increasing students’ “empathy quotients” in preparing them to be true servants of humanity.

We are gratified that Central is now one of the fastest growing seminaries in the United States.

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