Circling the Globe

Thursday, Feb 2nd, 2012

    If I were a mother hen, I would need to resign, for the chicks have scattered with gale force Thursday morning.  Some flew through Washington, DC; others through Detroit; and one stray through LA (me).  Thankfully we will all converge in Thailand on Friday evening February 3rd.

    The ease with which we will make our way to Bangkok and then to sites in Myanmar is nearly unfathomable.  We journey with the Judsons on our minds, reflecting on the lengthy and arduous sea voyage to India and then to Burma. At least they had more time to study as they travelled--for which Baptists around the world remain grateful. ( I trust all of our create scholars have already completed their assignments!) Ann and Adoniram Judson worked out their theology of baptism over those months, and their convictions allowed them to "bless God and take courage" as the work proved more challenging than they could have ever imagined from the perspective of their homeland.

    Central believes it is vitally important to encourage students to learn of the movement of God's Spirit in global Christianity.  No longer the place of rapid growth for Christian believers, America has much to learn from sisters and brothers who profess their faith under repressive regimes.  The vibrancy of their faith astonishes and their perseverance draws from deep wheels of faith.  We are thankful for the funding from the Luce Foundation for this global immersion experience.

    We make our pilgrimage to Myanmar in a very interesting political season.  We have watched the renewing of diplomatic relations with interest; we are prayerful and hopeful that new measures of human rights will be sustained; we anticipate new horizons for our missional partners at Myanmar Institute of Theology.  Some of the doctoral students that we share will feel the impact of cessation of armed conflict and new freedom of expression.

    Francisco at Tokyo airportArriving now in Tokyo, the next leg of the journey will be with Francisco Litardo, gifted videographer and digital storyteller.  On assignment with Central and International Ministries, he will use his creative skill to help us convey the continuing story of the Christian witness in Myanmar, the legacy of the Judsons two hundred years later.

Molly T. Marshall

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