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The Shumaker Library at Central Seminary is an academic and professional library serving the information needs of the CBTS community and staging clergy. Home to over 80,000 volumes, the library collects broadly across the spectrum of Western Christianity with special emphases on the Baptist tradition, congregational health, and global Christianity. Interested individuals are welcome to visit the library and explore its resources.



The Shumaker Library is named for Ms. Dianne Shumaker, who gave the lead gift for the renovation and expressed her delight in having the library so named. “Philosophically,” said Shumaker, “my relationship with Central Seminary is ‘what God wants.’ I feel blessed to be a contributor to this greater good. Being part of the library is a special joy – I love books and have an extensive library of my own.”

Central President Molly T. Marshall reflected on the appropriateness of the name, Shumaker Library:

Dianne Shumaker shared the dream for this library from the very beginning. She loves learning and students and has sought to help provide the very best for Central–both in excellent facilities and creative programming.



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