Online Seminary Education

Collaborate with students all over the world while earning your graduate degree completely online. Discover if Central Seminary’s online seminary programs are right for you.

At Central Seminary, we apply the benefits of online education to help students prepare for 21st-century ministry practice. Over the past several years, we have worked to weave effective technology-enhanced education tools into our theology programs. By doing this, we can help students from all over the world to prepare for modern ministry roles in faith settings. Students still have the choice to enroll in campus-based programs if they live within commuting distance of our locations. But with the option to take many of our seminary programs online, students with busy lives can still pursue their theological education.

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Our Online Seminary Programs

*Check with your state on whether online courses qualify for licensure in professional counseling.

Benefits of Our Online Seminary Programs

Students choose to enroll in our online seminary degree programs for several reasons. If you are currently juggling family, professional, or personal responsibilities, you can weave your education into your schedule without putting your current life on hold. Synchronous classes allow you to participate in live lectures and class discussions in real-time from the comfort of home. This allows you to absorb the same information and participate in class activities as you would if you were attending in-person classes.

Some of your courses will include asynchronous activities, giving you the flexibility throughout the week to learn according to your schedule. Students use a platform called Moodle, which provides access to course materials, recorded lectures, and communication tools. Even students who are not experts at using technology can easily navigate this user-friendly online platform. For years, we have fine-tuned our approach to online learning to give our students the same level of quality they would expect from a campus-based experience.

Stay Connected No Matter Where You Learn

Students also benefit from convenient collaboration with faculty and peers to help ensure effective learning outcomes. No matter where you live, our faculty and staff are just a few clicks away. Our online courses use video conferencing, which allow you to easily communicate, whether you use a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. This also makes it simple to work in tandem with your classmates when completing collaborative activities.

Through our online programs, we encourage students to exercise their creativity, pursue innovation, and develop leadership skills.

Join a New Generation of Ministry Leaders

At Central Seminary, our embrace of new technology allows us to prepare the next generation of ministry leaders. In our global world, ministry roles have evolved and expanded beyond traditional boundaries. Through our online programs, we encourage students to exercise their creativity, pursue innovation, and develop leadership skills. Our approach to online learning provides an experiential approach to education that allows students to put their knowledge into practice.

Discover Enhanced Online Seminary Programs

Are you ready to earn your theological diploma or degree with the convenience of online learning? Contact Central Seminary today to learn how our approach to online education can help you achieve your faith-based professional goals.

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