Doctor of Ministry in Creative Leadership

Becoming an innovator in church leadership or high-level faith-based roles does not happen overnight. You need the guidance of experienced instructors and a curriculum that is designed for students who have a unique vision for sustainable change in the ministry. The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in Creative Leadership program at Central could be the next logical step in your seminary education if you already have a graduate theology degree and entrepreneurial mindset.

The information below gives a brief overview of what you can expect in your core and foundational coursework, as well as some key information about Central Seminary. Please contact us if you are ready to inquire about the enrollment process, discuss financial aid options, or learn more about this program. Simply fill out the short contact form to get started. From there, we will help you determine the next steps towards your goals.

Why Earn Your Doctor of Ministry at Central?

We are a dynamic, welcoming seminary community that celebrates students from all walks of life. We all have unique experiences that bring us together. Celebrating your specific path and goals will be the focus of our guidance and your project dissertation. Beyond the quality of this program, Central has a long history and track record of providing accredited seminary programs to students. With our technology-enhanced approach to education, managing your coursework throughout your education is more than possible.



Students take one course each term. Courses meet on campus one week per term.



The program can be completed in three years, including one year for your project dissertation.



Students get advanced leadership training at an extremely affordable tuition rate.

Embrace Your Vision Through Experiential Education

The Creative Leadership emphasis of our DMin program aims to help students fully develop their creative leadership skills to fulfill their unique ministry vision. We are living in an age where an entrepreneurial spirit is shaking up almost every type of vocational sector. Why should ministry be any different? After all, in today’s world, it has been proven time and again that an individual can impact local and global change as much as large corporations.

What does this mean for ministry? It means there is a world of opportunity for us to take advantage of this new landscape to create positive change in our congregation and communities while inspiring the next generations of believers. With our Doctor of Ministry program, you can gain a better understanding of yourself and others, while developing skills in systematic thinking, theology in practice, and research methods. As a result, you can prepare to execute your innovative ministry vision through effective, sustainable methods.

Doctor of Ministry in Creative Leadership Overview

The DMin in Creative Leadership courses begin by “planting the seed” of your vision. In beginning coursework, you will create a theological construct that will guide the development of your vision. Students will also be challenged to grow through personal assessments, by engaging with others, and team building exercises. Courses are also designed to help students assess organizational challenges and develop innovative solutions with intentional outcomes. Students also have the opportunity to develop core competencies, such as research skills, grant writing, and managing ministry resources. Balancing budgets, raising funds, and other administrative aspects of ministry management are crucial to the sustainability of every church organization. Having a strong comprehension of these nuts and bolts topics will become handy when planning creative initiatives, and strengthen your ability to manage the process through execution.

The Doctor of Ministry in Creative Leadership ends with the planning and execution of a capstone project. The project aims to integrate the goals and outcomes of the coursework while allowing students the opportunity to reflect on the results of their thesis. This process helps strengthen communication and leadership skills through the experiential aspects of the project’s execution.

Purpose & Outcomes

The purpose of the Doctor of Ministry degree (DMin) is to provide advanced, practical theological education for experienced ministers, chaplains and other faith leaders who hold the Master of Divinity degree. The DMin program of Central Seminary emphasizes the integration of theological reflection and practice, coaching, servant leadership, and scholarship to deepen spiritual and missional formation in both the practice of ministry and in the minister.


  • The learner will develop a theological construct from which a vision for personal and organizational spirituality and ministry might be developed.
  • The learner will gain and improve the necessary skills for successfully guiding ministry innovation and entrepreneurship and for developing vision for effective and sustainable change.
  • Through personal assessment and designed learning engagement with others, the learner will enhance his/her abilities to empathize.
  • The learner will gain and develop skills for building teams and assessing organizational systems.
  • The learner will acquire design thinking skills and utilize them to innovate in an organizational setting.
  • The learner will enhance skills for creating and managing budgets, raising funds, and developing ministry resources.

Courses & Schedule

Languages Offered In: English

Program Length: 30 credits - 2 years of coursework plus 1 or more years for the dissertation project

New cohorts begin every January (Lent term). The program operates on three terms per year, starting in January, May, and late August. Each term runs for 12 weeks. Students will attend class on the Shawnee, KS campus one week per term.


Shaping a Theology for Leadership and Spirituality
Embracing the Power of Change
Embracing Design Thinking
Managing Ministry Resources
Understanding Yourself and Others
Leading People and Organizations
Capstone Design, Development, and Execution

Tuition & Fees

Tuition - $480 per credit

Registration Fee - $300 per term

Dissertation Fee - $850 at start of dissertation

Graduation Fee - $250

(Amounts shown are for academic year 2020-2021 and only represent basic costs. Consult the current academic catalog for complete financial information.)

Reach Your Potential at Central Seminary

Let us help you write the next chapter in your story of service to God and humanity. Through our Doctor of Ministry in Creative Leadership program, you can bring your unique ministry vision into fruition through an educational experience that fosters innovation. Reach out to us today for more information about the requirements, curriculum, and student experience at Central Seminary.

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