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Become a transformative leader with a distinctive, creative vision in the emerging, global Christian community. Live a more meaning-full and dynamic life through prayer, compassionate work and empathic action.

Our Seminary Programs

For over 100 years, Central Baptist Theological Seminary has lived out its mission, equipping and empowering present and future ministry leaders to serve God, humanity, and all creation. Through innovative programs and expert faculty, students are prepared to craft compelling visions of love and hope, to lead in times of change, and to form community through sharing and healing. Join our learning community. Find your place.


Graduate Degrees

Central offers Master's and Doctoral degrees in English and Korean for present and future leaders. Learn more about our programs in ministry, theology, chaplaincy and counseling.


Certificates & Diplomas

Certificate and Diploma programs provide personal and professional development training. We have programs in English, Korean, and other languages.


Lifelong Learning
평생 교육

Educational opportunities exist for anyone wanting to explore their faith for personal and spiritual formation. Audit a class or participate in a workshop to enhance your knowledge.

Student Reflections

My courses at Central have been a bright spot in this long night. Throughout my first year at CBTS and into my second year, I have developed a deep fascination with the Bible and studying it through various lenses including literary, historical, and cultural.

Sara Crocker, MDiv Student

Latest News & Posts

한국부 이야기: 시애틀 – 다양한 사람들이 가족같이 함께하는 시애틀분교

by Misong Kim
Misong Kim 김미성 (시애틀분교 디렉터) 시애틀 분교는 우리 센트럴 분교 중 가장 오래된 분교들 중의 하나로 많은 졸업생들을 배출해 낸 분교입니다. 그동안 우리 분교 출신으로는 경제학 박사도 있고, 한의사 박사과정에 있다 오신 자매도 있고, 아동 미술치료 석사학위를 가진 분과 약사로 일을 하시다가 자녀 교육을 위해 미국에 들어오신 분도 계십니다. 그런가 하면 평범한 주부들도 있습니다. 가장...
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코로나 팬데믹: 목회 – 코로나 시대 목회자들의 고민과 제언

by Kyoungpan Kim
Kyungpan Kim (목회학적 관점) 코로나 펜데믹이 시작된 지도 벌써 1년 여의 시간이 지나가고 있다. 그렇게 기다리던 백신개발 성공이라는 기쁜 소식도 잠시일 뿐 세계 곳곳에서 들려오는 코로나 재확산 소식은 우리를 더 암울하게 만든다. 확진자 수가 나라마다 마치 경쟁이라도 하듯이 매일 기록이 갱신되고 있다. 일상은 점점 더 제한을 받게 되고, 그로 인해 경제는 내리막길로 치닫고 있다. 정말...
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THIS IS CENTRAL: Teresa Ambler

by Pamela R. Durso
As I get to know the Central Baptist Theological Seminary community, I want you to hear some of the amazing stories that I am hearing. To share those stories with you, I am “interviewing” students, alums, faculty, staff, board members, and supporters and sharing an interview on my blog, THIS IS CENTRAL. I invite you...
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