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Central Seminary offers an innovative and diverse academic environment that can help you reach a higher professional calling through experiential learning. At Central, we foster an inclusive learning environment that welcomes students of all races and ethnicities, from all corners of God’s great Earth. Our aim is to help students become positive forces for good in a volatile world, across a broad spectrum of careers in ministry, chaplain roles, and other faith-based career opportunities.

If you want to earn a master’s or doctorate level degree that promotes leadership, introspection, and creativity, then we have a program for you. We also offer a diploma in theology program, as well as continuing education opportunities throughout the year. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your ministry career goals. If you are ready, please fill out the quick contact form below to receive more information. Or continue reading about the benefits of furthering your theological education at Central.

Central Seminary is...


Celebrating A Diverse Clergy Community Through Higher Education

The faculty and staff at Central Seminary understand the needs of modern students, who span all walks of life and generations. Additionally, we understand that the needs of our communities, congregations, and professional goals of students have changed over the past several years. More than ever, ministry students have their own unique vision for their ministry work. At the same time, most students lead increasingly busy lives, whether taking care of family, working other jobs, or both. As a result of these changes and challenges, we developed innovative and flexible online educational experiences for our students. At Central Seminary, you can immerse yourself in your professional and spiritual growth, without putting your current life on hold.

As a Central student, you can prepare to help shape the future of ministry roles in your communities and globally. We offer a diverse seminary community of instructors and fellow students who foster a supportive, inclusive learning environment . Whether you want to become a hospital chaplain, lead a congregation, work in mental health counseling, or teach religious topics at the university level, we can help create a path towards accomplishing your goals.


Prepare for a New Landscape of Opportunities

In today’s world, ministry roles are more unique and creative than ever before. And the career landscape for educated professionals continues to expand. At Central Seminary, we tailor our curricula and goals for each program to fit the needs and goals of today’s learners. And with an individual-focused approach to teaching, your professors will be in tune with your desired career path throughout your seminary degree program. We encourage students to inject an entrepreneurial spirit into their academic experience. This fosters a culture of innovation, greater exchange of ideas, and collective inspiration.


Join A Community of Passionate Students

We are constantly amazed at the unique personalities, interests, and ambitions our student body encompasses. Students’ aspirations inspire our faculty to constantly review the way they apply curriculum, deliver online technology services, and all other aspects of the student experience. This open-minded approach helps us evolve with students’ needs and deliver the most effective theological education possible.

Whether you want to earn a diploma or graduate-level degree in theology, we offer a dynamic curriculum rooted in classic disciplines. We also believe in the benefits of experiential learning to your education and spiritual journey. At Central Seminary our graduate programs are designed to give you the opportunity to apply your education in a life directed to helping others as you complete your program. This approach helps navigate a seamless transition from your education to practice-ready experiences.

Find Your Place at Central Seminary

Are you ready to learn more about the seminary program that aligns with your goals? Take a moment to contact us today, so we can start this important conversation. Our advisors can answer your questions and help determine the next steps towards enrollment.

Thank you for visiting Central Seminary. We hope to be a part of your journey as you seek God, shape church, and serve humanity and all creation.

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