Doctorate of Ministry Degrees

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Online DMin Program With In-Person Intensives

Central Seminary’s Doctorate of Ministry (DMin) program is offered mostly online to give you the tools and skills to strengthen and innovate your ministry practice. DMin classes are taught by Central Seminary’s faculty, all of whom are experts in their fields. The program builds a vibrant learning community by bringing together experienced students with expert instructors. Students are required to attend annual in-person intensive sessions.

During the DMin program, you will gain the knowledge, personal insight, and performance skills that can deepen the spiritual and missional formation in your ministry practice. A primary focus of the program is to inspire personal, spiritual, and professional growth that is everlasting and unique to each individual.

The purpose of the Doctor of Ministry online degree is to provide advanced, practical theological education for experienced ministers, chaplains, and other faith leaders who hold the Master of Divinity degree or equivalent.

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Earn Your Doctorate of Ministry Online Degree at Central Seminary

Many pastors and missionaries plan to continue their theological training, but they feel their opportunities are limited because they can’t leave their current roles. With most of the coursework offered online (in-person intensive are required each year), Central’s Doctor Of Ministry program is a great fit for church and mission leaders.

Central Seminary believes that faith leaders shouldn’t miss the opportunity to further their knowledge. Pursuing a PhD in ministry is a great catalyst for reaching your goals.

Online Dmin Admissions

Applicants must have a Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree—or its equivalent—from an appropriately accredited institution and a minimum of three years of experience in ministry after receiving the MDiv.

The application deadline is November 1 of each year. The admissions committee will interview all applicants as part of the application process. Students participating in the English program for whom English is not their first language must demonstrate their English proficiency, including taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).


Benefits of an Online Seminary DMin Program

Central Seminary has designed an engaging distance education program that brings curriculum to life. There are several benefits to enrolling in the Doctor of Ministry program:

Easy to Build Connections

A key benefit of education is the opportunity to build lasting relationships with peers and instructors. At Central Seminary, distance learners complete activities designed to foster engagement.

Central Seminary also provides access to lifelong learning events to help like-minded peers connect regardless of where they live or whether or not they are attending in person. And students will have the unique opportunity to expand their understanding of other cultures through remote activities.

Central Seminary students work toward deepening their theological skills to become innovative leaders in their ministries. Additionally, each cohort offers students the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with their peers, and to lean on each other for guidance in the future.

Meaningful and challenging topics will be curated through online DMin program discussion boards to allow distance learners to engage with their peers on a personal level.

New Generation of Learners

Online learning and communication tools are rapidly changing, and Central Seminary is leveraging this innovation to deliver high-quality in-person and distance-learning environments to our online Doctor of Ministry program students.

Online video conferencing tools bring students around the world together in a virtual classroom, and digital conversations are integrated seamlessly.

Learn While You Work

If you want to sharpen and hone your ministry skills but don’t wish to leave your ministry, you’re not alone. More than 14 million students are enrolled in higher education while working, which is inspiring for other people attempting to balance their academic goals and other responsibilities.

The Doctor of Ministry online program at Central Seminary allows students to continue their ministry work, meaning many of your peers will have the same ambitions and face the same challenges as you.

One of the key benefits of a DMin online program is having the freedom to learn at convenient times and places. Always remember that this step in your life is temporary. With excellent time management skills and work ethic, you can achieve your online doctorate of ministry with most of the coursework completed online. Students are required to attend annual in-person intensive sessions.


Will a DMin degree online give me real-world experience?

At Central Seminary, we believe that effective ministry is possible with effective preparation. There are no shortcuts in ministry. The distance learning option is not a lessened academic program—all requirements are the same. Most of the coursework is completed online with annual in-person intensive sessions required.

As a Doctor of Ministry online student, you’ll:

  • Utilize social scientific research methods to analyze appropriate ministry situations and develop practices conducive to congregational health.
  • Use best practice methodologies employed by the classical theological disciplines to critique ideas, beliefs, and practices regarding their implications for congregational health.
  • Demonstrate high proficiency in the art of ministry praxis and leadership that contributes either to healthy missional faith communities or to pastoral care that holistically develops healthy individuals and families.
  • Demonstrate commitment to continuing growth in personal, spiritual, and professional maturity.
  • Acquire essential skills for mentoring new generations of leaders and equipping them for healthy ministry practices.

Will I have access to the same resources as an in-person student?

Yes. While the distance education option is mostly online, you’ll have access to the same mentoring, instruction, tools, and opportunities as a student attending in person. The online program is engaging even for distance learners who will be encouraged to interact with their cohort and instructors.

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