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Instructor of Interpersonal Skills Charlotte Rosenak Feels Privileged to Teach for Central 

Central Baptist Theological Seminary is a very unique place and is blessed with faculty and students and support staff who are very competent and clearly demonstrate Christ-like behavior in their work assignments and personal interaction with one another.  As a teacher of Interpersonal Skills, I am amazed at the diversity of students I have in my classes and the wealth of experience they bring to the class.  Many bring years of experience in volunteer positions in the Church and other organizations, or years of experience in the workplace.  They hunger for deeper significance in life and to follow the teachings of Jesus as best as is possible, so they come to class eager to learn and to expand their skills and knowledge base. 

The school is particularly adept at assisting all with technology, which has allowed us to stay connected through the pandemic.  In fact, almost everything was in place for virtual communication, so there was no lastminute scrambling that I could detect.  The educational process seems to be continuing unabated. 

Students seem to develop supportive relationships very easily with one another, are willing to work hard in and out of class time, and, while they lead very busy lives, are able to dig into their assignments with gusto.  I never cease to be amazed at their abilities to juggle family, volunteer positions, work positions, and seminary classes. 

I feel very privileged to be counted among the staff of Central Baptist Theological Seminary, where faculty, staff, and students alike are READY TO LEAD!.