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Creatively Serving People as a Missionary in Daily Life

Director of Korean Programs and Associate Professor of Practical Theology & Contextual Ministry Education Dr. Samuel Park Reflects on Prospective Graduate Eunho Lee’s Experience at Central 

As a worship leader in my church, I see my role not as a position of carrying the burden of leading congregants into the worship,” says Eunho Lee, a class of 2020 M.Div. graduate, but as freely helping them harness their longing for God and ability to worship the Lord.” He has developed such a renewed perspective from a pastoral counseling class in which he found that clients have the potential to resolve their problems 

When he came to the States from Korea, he thought he would find an answer to what is “true worship.” But before long poor people outside the Christ For Nation Institute (CFNI) caught his attention, and he began to serve them with sandwiches he and his wife made. After helping them and listening to their stories and needs for nearly two years, he discovered that they wanted to work but mostly failed to find employment. 

While studying in the Korean Programs at CBTS, he seriously struggled to find a way of helping people and was introduced to the concept, “Business as Mission (BAM). In particular, learning about missional church and the attitude of living a daily life with a missional mind led him to think about how to realize God’s kingdom in daily life. He is now running a car center, Seeon, in Dallas, TX with the hope of providing needed employment, serving clients with Christian integrity, helping people in need, and creating more jobs.  

Likewise, the Korean Program helps students answer God’s call to serve people in the church or wherever the Lord sends them. Visit this site or email us for more info.