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A Foundation for Thoughtful Navigation and Critical Engagement

Landreneau Guillory Professor of Biblical Studies Dr. David May Reflects on How the MA(TS) Degree Prepares Students for Leadership 

 The Master of Arts (Theological Studies) degree provides a path of exploration and engagement for those persons open to new ideas and perspectives.  In a changing world where theological and religious questions are raised both explicitly and implicitly on issues such as the pandemic, power, cultural relativism, race, and gender, a MA(TS) degree provides a foundation for thoughtful navigation and critical engagement on contemporary issues.  

 The goals of the MA(TS) are for an individual, who has an undergraduate bachelor’s degree, to gain masters level knowledge in general theological studies and to provide skills for professional research and communication.  Besides achieving these goals, the 36-hour MA(TS) program allows for a student to focus his or her studies upon a particular emphasis(1) Biblical Studies, or (2) Peacemaking/Reconciliation.   

In a time when questions about what is true and what is fake dominate culture and social media, this program provides theological and biblical courses that challenge learners, especially through technologically enhanced pedagogy, to discern and distill knowledge by way of research, reading, and writing.   

The MA(TS) provides student with methods and resources that allow for further graduate studies, advanced skills in theological thinking, foundational biblical and theological concepts, and writing skills for effective communication in all media.