Resourcing Students who Struggle to Afford Seminary


  • The financial limitations of Central’s prospective and current students continue to have an impact on our enrollment. Many of our students struggle to pay Central’s modest tuition and fees.
  • The average age of Central students is 43, and most are working and living with many other financial obligations.
  • Prospective Central students often hesitate to take on new financial responsibilities and accumulate educational debt. This hesitation has been a reality for many years, but in wake of current inflation and economic challenges, it has been amplified.
  • Prospective Central students are aware of their salary possibilities following completion of degree program, and many now seek to determine the cost benefit of enrolling.
  • Central is not enrolled in federal financial aid programs, which often is a barrier to prospective students.


  • Central is committed to offering accessible and affordable theological education. Currently, Central is one of the most affordable accredited seminaries in the country and has implemented only one minimal tuition increase in the last 12 years.
  • In 2024, Central will focus on expanding our already robust student scholarship opportunities with the spring launch of a “100 Scholarships in 100 Days” campaign with the goal of raising $100,000 for scholarships and tuition reduction measures.
  • Central will continue to build an endowment that supports scholarships and helps keep operational costs down, therefore keeping tuition low.
  • Central is committed to ensuring equitable and accessible scholarships are available to all students.

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