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This page is reserved for persons who need technical assistance with one or more of their seminary accounts. Please use for the form below to send a help request to the seminary support desk. The request will generate a support ticket and ensure that your need is tracked and responded to by one of our team members. You may wish to consult of the help resources below to resolve your issue or click on one of the help guides for common technical issues.

If you have a general inquiry about the seminary, please use the contact us form.

Student Accounts

Log into myCBTS (OneLogin) Student Portal

Student Portal, also called myCBTS or OneLogin, is used to link accounts from the different resources you will use as a student. Once accounts are linked, students only need to remember their portal credentials to access other sites, including library resources. 

CBTS Email Accounts - Every student taking courses for credit will receive a CBTS email address ( before their first term of study. CBTS email addresses are important to check for course information and notices from the school and instructors. Other accounts are linked to the CBTS email address, such as Moodle, Populi, and Office365. Students that do not take classes for credit do not receive a CBTS email address. 

Office365 is a suite of Microsoft productivity tools, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, that can be used online.  Every student with a CBTS email account can utilize these tools, which can be accessed through the portal. 

Moodle is one of Central’s platforms for providing access to course resources and activities, such as discussion boards and submitting assignments. Course instructors should notify you when Moodle will be used to access course content. 

Populi is the student records system, through which students can register online, track academic progress, and print unofficial transcripts.  Like Moodle, Populi is also used as a content delivery system.  Course instructors should notify you when Populi will be used to access course content. 

LiveText is used for program assessment. Depending on your degree program, students may be asked to submit specific assignments into LiveText. Certain programs do not require students to use LiveText.  If your program requires the use of LiveText, you will receive an invite to your CBTS email during your first term to create your LiveText account. 

Zoom is the technology platform for live class meetings. Students should download the program and sign up for a free account from the Zoom website.  Participation in courses through the Zoom program works best with a PC or Mac laptop or desktop. 

Common Technical Issues

myCBTS / OneLogin

Forgot Password - If you forget your password, you can use the "Forgot Password" link on the login screen to create a new password. You will be required to pass your security authentication to complete this process. If you are unable to pass your security authentication, please use the form below for assistance.

Forgot Answers to Security Questions/Locked Out - If you have forgotten the answers to your security questions and do not have another option for security authentication, please use the form below to request assistance. Please note: it is recommended that each account set up at least two options for security authentication.


Classes not Showing - If you are unable to see your current or upcoming classes listed in Moodle, please contact your instructor first. It may be that the course will not show on your dashboard until a later date or the course page is temporarily down for updates.


Do Not See Classes Listed During Registration - The first step is to make sure the correct term is selected on the registration screen. For instance, Fall 2022 is the default term showing, and you will need to switch the selection to Ordinary 2022. If that does not help, your student record may need to be updated. You can contact the Registrar's office for further assistance using the form below.

Need to update text number - If you have changed your mobile number and need to update it in Populi, please contact Technology Services using the form below. You will be sent an email with a link to complete the update process.

Registration Locked - If you find a registration lock on your account in Populi, you likely need to submit additional documentation to the Registrar's office to continue enrollment or finish paying your tuition bill with the Business office. Contact those offices if you need additional assistance using this form.


Do Not Have an Account - Not every student at Central will be required to have a LiveText account. It depends on your program of study. If you do not know or need to create an account, please use the contact form to inquire.

Forgot Password - Go to the LiveText login screen, and click the "Forgot Password" link. Enter your CBTS email address and choose between the email reset link or answer a security question options.

Assignments not showing - Please contact the instructor first to verify the assignments have posted in the system and are ready for submission. If so, please complete the contact form below for additional assistance.


Cannot Install MS software on My Computer - Central's student licensing for Office365 only provides for web-based use of MS software. If you wish to download and install Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other programs to your computer, you will need to pay Microsoft through your personal account.

Tech Support Form

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