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Central supports student success with a community of professionals as well as the academic and technological resources you will find here.


One Login (myCBTS)

Single Sign-On for all of your CBTS accounts, including email, Populi, and Moodle.


New Student FAQs

Find answers to your questions about how to get started as a student at CBTS.


General Student FAQs

Find the answers related to library access, academics, financial aid, and more.


Academic Calendar

The academic year runs from August 1st to July 31st. The calendar, also found in the catalog, lists the important dates and deadlines for admissions and enrollment.

2022-2023 All programs

2022-2023 Doctor of Ministry

Academic Catalog 

The catalog is the repository of academic information and policies.  It is published annually and posted on the seminary website.  It is a good place to review your curriculum, policies related to enrollment status, and course information. 

Accommodations (for persons with a Disability) 

The seminary makes every effort to accommodate the needs of persons with a disability. Students whose disability requires extra consideration or assistance should contact the Dean’s office. Further information can be found in the student handbook. 


Each student is assigned a faculty advisor and student success advisor.  Both advisors are available to discuss vocational direction and academic progress. Your student success advisor will check-in with you when academic issues or resourcing needs arise.  Your student tab in Populi lists advisors. 


A student's mental and emotional health is an important part of their ability to succeed in their studies and complete a program of study. You may have a time as a student that calls for a trained professional who can listen and assist during a difficult time. While Central does not have professional counselors on staff, we want to make sure you have the resources to find what you need. Visit our Counseling Resources page for important information and links to connect you to the right person who can help. 

Language/Writing Development 

Dr. Sheryl Stewart, Director of Language Development and Curriculum Implementation, assists students in improving their writing skills. Please contact her for an appointment to discuss a paper, reading strategies, or any other language issues.  The Language Development Center is devoted to helping students read efficiently, write effectively, and improve language skills as needed to do well in seminary classes. 


The library provides physical and electronic databases to aid students in their projects and research. Click here to learn more about the library.  If you need a library card or student ID, please fill out this form

To access the available databases, log into the student portal (also called myCBTS). 


Enrollment in a program of study requires registration in courses every term.  Dates for registration can be found in the academic calendar located in the catalog.  Online registration is available up to a few weeks before the term begins.  After online registration closes, students can adjust their registration through form submission to the Registrar’s office before the course add/drop deadline. 


Central Seminary uses several different systems to track student progress, deliver course content, and provide tools to complete course activities.  Further explanation of these tools can be found in the catalog and on the Technology Services page as well as a form to request assistance.

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