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The cost of educating one student is approximately $10,000 per year. Generous friends like you enable Central to fully underwrite about 30% of this cost for every student. In addition, your support enables Central to award just over $1 Million in scholarship support each year. Over 70% of our students receive a scholarship for at least a portion of their remaining fees each year.


“Thank you for your financial support which allows for me, and others, to grow in knowledge and grace through our study at Central. We are being fully equipped to represent Christ in our communities and the world.”
– Schlyon T. Atkins, MDiv student


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Central Fund

The Central Fund is our version of the annual fund. It costs Central approximately $10,000 to educate one student each year. Of course, we do not charge students this amount. At most we might charge $7,000 per year, and most of our students still need help to pay this amount. That means we need to raise at least $3,000 per student per year plus another $1,000,000 to fund various scholarships. Most of our funding comes from individuals and foundations. Thank you for your support.

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