EdS, University of Missouri - Columbia
MDiv, Central Baptist Theological Seminary
BA, William Jewell College

My time with Central Seminary began in January 1996 as a Master of Divinity student.  After graduating in 2000, I served as an Associate Pastor for a Baptist church in the St. Louis metropolitan area.  Returning to Central in 2004 as an Admission counselor was a homecoming. Working in higher education is challenging, but I enjoy the constant creativity and innovation needed to solve problems and seek improvement in all that we do for the school's mission.

I work with a dedicated team to promote student success practices throughout the school.  Student success means creating a meaningful and healthy relationship between the student and the school that will lead to the student accomplishing their educational and vocational goals.  It is a joy to see students earn their diploma and make in impact in present and future ministries as creative leaders.  Whether it is the role of chaplain, licensed counselor, or starting a new ministry/organization, we believe each person can make a difference in showing the world the love of Christ.  Being a part of that educational journey in the lives of many people gives me purpose and hope.

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