Convocation 집회

Date: August 29, 2023 6:00 pm

Location: Virtual

Convocation is a calling together of all Central Seminary students, faculty and staff to refresh the community’s sense of mission, values, and identity. It is celebrated in full academic regalia and ceremony to symbolize this institution’s commitment to demonstrated knowledge, tested scholarship, and academia’s long tradition of pursuing truth. Convocation is held each fall and spring near the start of the school’s academic terms/semesters.

집회(컨보케이션)는 센트럴 신학대학원의 모든 구성원 (이사회, 행정부, 교수진, 교직원, 학생 및 모든 관계자) 이 함께 모여 센트럴 커뮤니티의 사명, 가치 및 정체성을 재조명하는 자리입니다. 집회 의식은 입증된 지식, 검증된 학문 및 진리 추구에 대한 학계의 오랜 전통에 대한 센트럴의 헌신을 상징하는 의미로 예복을 입고 치릅니다. 집회는 매년 가을과 봄에 학기가 시작될 무렵에 열립니다.

THEME: To be announced

SPEAKER: Dr. Kathy Maxwell, Central Seminary Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty

WHEN: August 29, 2023, 6pm (CT)

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Central students, faculty and staff should check their email a few days prior to the event for the link to access this virtual event.