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Will I Fit in Theologically in Seminary?

Will I Fit in Theologically in Seminary?

If you are thinking about enrolling in seminary, you should consider whether you  will fit in theologically at the school of your choice.

Why? We live in a divided and polarized world. Every story in the news and every post on social media invites us to pick a side. We are encouraged to draw closer to those on “my side” and demonize the “other side,” and so we do. We spend time with, listen to, and care about those who think like we do. In the end, we create echo chambers, hearing from and being around only those who believe what we believe, say what we say.  Echo chamber living hinders our ability to think critically or to acknowledge the nuances of life. Some seminaries are comfortable with division and polarization. Central is not.

Central Seminary Is a Different Kind of Community

Central welcomes students from across multiple differences—theological, social, political, racial, economic, gender, geographic, and sexual orientation. In Central classrooms, you will find both conservatives and liberals and everything in between. We have students who are Baptist, Charismatic and Episcopalian. We have students who are affiliated with many different denominations, and some who are not affiliated with any denomination.

We invite honest conversation in our classrooms, knowing that there will be disagreements and perhaps even arguments. What unites us in this midst of so much difference? At Central, our commitment is to be in community with people who are not like us. We want to learn from and with people who are not like us. Central is a place where all who are committed to this different kind of community are welcome and will flourish.

What Can You Expect at Central Seminary?

We are in the business of theological education, and we know that an education will be broader and deeper when there is variety in the voices at the table.  Because of our commitment to inclusion, we don’t ask that you stop believing what you believe, and we won’t tell you what to believe. Instead, we ask that you bring your whole self as you come to Central.

You may show up at Central with strong convictions or with tentative hunches. Either way, show up and be part of something special.

Will you fit in here?

Yes! If you are a person who values being together over being right, Central is a good place for you!

Yes! If you’re curious about how other people live, work, and do good in the world, come discover and get to know people who are not like you.

Yes! If you are ready to become the best version of yourself, come learn with us at Central.

Ready to Learn More? Reach Out Today

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