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Transcending Geographical Boundaries to Find the “Sacred”

Reflection from Marci Wilson-Boggs, MDiv Student, Class of 2020 

 The Worship Class we experienced in the fall of 2019 via Zoom was a great opportunity for us to transcend the boundaries of geography to determine what we decided collectively would be “sacred.” As we studied the liturgies across history, we were able to let go of the preconceptions of our traditional worship services and create new ways of considering what a meaningful worship service gathering might look like. The services we created together were poignant and felt special, even though we were not able to meet together in person. Little did we realize almost all our church related interactions would become virtual in the midst of a global pandemic. The worship course certainly prepared us for this unusual time, and Zoom has been a helpful way to connect for probably thousands of churches across the globe in these uncertain days.