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Storytelling: Narrative Historical Theology Course Reflection


This course brings together three disciplines (theology, history, communication) to challenge and to train students for historical theological storytelling. The course examines narrative theology and the role of story in theological thinking, pursues the recovery of “lost history” or under-reported episodes in church history, and explores storytelling as a discipline and skill for the communication of theological truths.

The course intends to cultivate appreciation of story in service of a coherent vision of ministry through theological, historical, and narrative reflections. The course combines 1) narrative theology, 2) storytelling, and 3) local church history.


Storytelling performs a powerful function in everyday life and in society.  We share experiences and insights so that others may benefit and learn.  Storytelling is front and center in inspiring biblical messages told and untold.  We live stories daily and only tell and express a small portion of them.  From our class, I have come to see the various multitudes of God’s relationship stories that have not been told and need to be told.  This course, narrative historical theology, through storytelling has provided me with experience to learn and share about relating to God; the Bible’s stories of God’s relationship to His people.  We, believers in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, are essential to tell others that the Bible should be seen as the story of God’s interaction with His people and for His people. The Bible’s stories are there to teach us truth and this course has impacted my knowledge of the stories in the Bible in a positive manner.  I have come to read more of the stories in the Bible to transform them into relevant contemporary, modern-day stories in my Sunday School Class for my students to discuss how history applies to their lives today. The word of God is the same yesterday, today, and forever and His word does not change.  It is us who changes, thus knowing the past helps us form the present.  Unlike any other book written, God’s Word, the Bible touches hearts and changes lives.  Through storytelling, one vehicle, I am able to impart ancient theology that has come to energize (re-energize), fill, guide, and enrich lives.  Narrative historical theology has allowed me to mediate on God’s word; memorize some of His stories, and allowed them to transform my life.  Nothing is more important than time spent in His word through learning stories.

Darlene Turner-Harper
Central Wisconsin M.Div. Student