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A Lament


“My God, my God, why………?”

Why has our world been turned upside down,

as wave after wave of crisis and grief crash over us?

Why the betrayal, the dissonance, the difficulty grasping what has happened?

Why the escalating deaths, untruths, and incompetence of leadership?

How long, O God, how long?

How long will the hurt and disillusionment and feelings of distress haunt us?

How long will we be forced to hide ourselves from family and friends?

How long must we deal with our fear, anxiety, and uncertain future?

How long?


Listen to our hearts’ cries, O Merciful God, and let us know that you hear us.

Give us wisdom and strength to face the threats.

Grant us hearts of compassion as we cradle the hurts and stress of one another.

Heal our inner spirits from all anger, hurt, and sorrow, and grant us your peace.

Draw us to yourself, with your right arm holding us close,

So that we know your presence and love.

“Into your hands, we commit our spirits.”


We trust in your unfailing love, O God, and take comfort in your faithfulness.

We believe that in all things you are still working to bring out some good.

We hold to our faith that out of suffering can come growth of character,

and out of the ashes of death can emerge new life.









Written by Ruth Rosell, Director of the Buttry Center for Peace and Nonviolence

Posted 4/8/2020