Global Partnerships

We are a global community of students and faculty who weave cross-cultural experiences into the fabric of our mission to serve all of humanity.

Join Our Diverse Global Community

At Central Seminary, we are a global community of students and faculty who weave cross-cultural experiences into the fabric of our mission to serve all of humanity. That is why students who live outside the United States can travel here to learn at our campus locations or participate in online education program options for those who prefer to remain in their home country. These global connections have a positive impact on students, faculty, and staff from theological institutions around the world, creating valuable experiences that educate and shape everyone involved.

Central Seminary offers several types of partnerships for churches and other faith organizations all over the world. We also have academic programs that benefit international students who live abroad, as well as Korean students who live in the United States. Through these partnerships, we work to address issues that transcend borders while fostering education, ministry training, and institutional improvement through these programs. We welcome the influence of our partner organizations to help improve our global awareness and intercultural competencies. Our global partnerships also fuel innovation and creativity through our shared experiences with diverse groups of individuals.

If you want to discuss attending Central Seminary as an international student or learn how our partnerships can benefit your institution, simply fill out the quick contact form. We will respond quickly to answer your questions and provide more information.

Global Education Partnerships

If you are an international student with an undergraduate (or equivalent) degree, you can become one of our global partners as a student in our MDiv program for international students. This international version of the MDiv we offer in the United States is specially designed for students who speak English as a second language. The first semester or year of the program focuses on language development to help ensure success as you proceed through the rest of the curricula.

Korean Partnerships

Central Seminary offers qualifying students living in South Korea the opportunity to participate in our Doctor of Ministry program offered through Calvin University . For over a decade, we have also offered several degree programs for Korean students living in the United States, such as:

If you are interested in learning more about the diploma and degree programs we offer for Korean students, contact us to learn more.

Myanmar Program

Students who have earned a Master of Divinity degree from the Myanmar Institute of Theology or an equivalent degree from a theological school accredited by ATESEA or Serampore Senate, are eligible to apply for our Doctor of Ministry program. With a focus on Congregational Health, this program prepares students to lead and teach in contemporary settings and multi-cultural contexts.

Partnering with Institutions

There are several categories of partnerships and collaborations that we offer at Central Seminary. Take some time to review the following information to determine which program is the best fit for you or your organization. We look forward to discussing ways we can work together to further our shared mission of spiritual growth and service to humanity.


Affinity partnerships are created between Central Seminary and other seminaries, churches, and faith organizations. These relationships are based on mutual respect and compatibility of purpose. These partnerships are completely free from legal, financial, accreditation, and other responsibilities.


We engage in special project partnerships with other institutions for a specific purpose or activity that reflects and furthers our mission. These partnerships are sometimes ongoing but can be singular projects with no further obligations for either party upon completion of the project.


Enrichment partnerships are formed between Central Seminary and one (or more) institutions to engage in a program designed for the enrichment of the partner institution in specific ways. Many of these partnerships are aimed at improving learning or teaching outcomes. Most of these programs require funding, such as grants to move forward.


These partnerships involve a formal and binding agreement between Central Seminary and another institution to create a specific program offering. Central Seminary and the partner institution will agree on the purpose, goals, curricula, and anticipated outcomes of the program during the formation of the agreement. It is critical to ensure that these partnerships remain financially sustainable, with a clear business plan in place, as part of the approval process.

Ready to Partner with Central Seminary?

Whether you are part of a faith-based organization or international student who wants to prepare for ministry practice, we want to talk to you about your goals. There are a variety of ways we can work together to attain spiritual, personal, and academic growth while making a greater global impact. We hope to join you as you seek to change the world through your vocational journey.

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