As the Student Success Advisor, it is my job to be the point of contact for most of our students when they have questions or concerns about almost anything at Central. I offer a number of student services including financial and academic coaching, program advising, pastoral care, academic support, and help with vocation discernment. As a minister, it is my job to support, encourage, and aid our students during their journey through seminary and beyond. I believe that I am called to help those who are called to ministry find the resources they need to realize their calling, whether it is to congregational ministry, professional counseling, clinical chaplaincy, or social entrepreneurship.

My favorite duty—as Central’s Student Success Advisor and as a minister myself—is to attend and participate in the ordination of our students and graduates. I have traveled from western Kansas to Detroit and many other places around the country to be a part of these momentous occasions. I love doing it because every ordination is a milestone in a life-long walk of faith, and Central’s work bears the most fruit in those sacred moments when a person dedicates her or his life to being God’s hands, feet, and mouth in the world.

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