Hana You

Registrar & International Student Officer

(913) 667-5707

I grew up in South Korea and came to the States as an exchange student back in 2004. I have earned an MBA degree, and I have been in Korean language education for the past 5 years.

I joined the Central community in November 2019. I started as a DMin Program Assistant and expanded my role as a member of Student Success Team. I assist students with their administrative needs and help students with their visa status related requests.

What I like most about working at Central is that I get to work with good hearted students, staff and faculty members. I am very thankful to be part of this warm, caring and faithful place and look forward to finding out what God has prepared for me through my journey at Central.

센트럴에 오신 여러분을 환영합니다! Welcome to Central!