Climate Crisis

On October 26, 2019, the Buttry Center for Peace and Nonviolence hosted a one day conference to bring people of faith together to talk about the climate crisis and consider how to mobilize for action that makes a difference.

“Joining God in Saving the Earth: Mobilizing for Action on the Climate Crisis”

Participants spent the day with other people of faith concerned about the climate crisis.  They considered how their faith speaks to this crisis, learned about ways it is being addressed, connected with leaders in the community working on this issue, discovered how to make a difference on an individual, congregational, and societal level, and were inspired to act.

The featured speaker was the Rev. Fletcher Harper, an Episcopal priest and the executive director of GreenFaith, an interfaith environmental coalition providing leadership in the religious environmental movement addressing the climate crisis.  Much of the conference was recorded and is available for viewing below.

Rev. Fletcher Harper’s Opening Words


Rev. Dr. Ruth Rosell: “Climate Crisis Reality”


Rev. Fletcher Harper: “GreenFaith in the Face of the Climate Emergency”


Responsive Prayer


Interactive Session with Rev. Fletcher Harper: “Speak Up, Speak Out as People of Faith” 


Rev. Fletcher Harper: “Belief into Action for the Earth”


Rev. Chad Cooper: “From Couch to Climate Advocate”


Rakmi Shaiza: “Speaking for Women and Stitching Change”

John Fish-Kurmann: “Why We need to Rescue Recycling”

Josh Thede: “Project Drawdown: Solutions to Reverse Global Warming”

Dorothy Barnett:  “Climate Action in Kansas”

Lindsey Constance: “The Metro Kansas City Climate Action Plan” 

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