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DMin Creative Leadership Track Equips Learners


Des Peres Assistant Professor of Congregational Health Dr. John Park Explains how the DMin Creative Leadership Track Equips Learners

Central’s DMin program offers a track in creative leadership. This unique track has equipped and graduated students with tools and connections that helped them to be the kind of leaders they need to be as they navigate these discontinuous, rapidly changing, and uncertain times like the pandemic in which we find ourselves.

One student, Ka’thy Gore Chappell, Executive Director Baptist Women in Ministry of North Carolina, noted, “Through this educational experience, I can emphatically state that I am more knowledgeable in the concept and experimentation of design thinking, confident in teaching and preaching, and passionate about my call to ministry.”

The curriculum of the DMin program is crafted in such a way that it equips students with confidence and courage coupled with humility, agility, and adaptability to lead and serve the people and organizations entrusted to them.

Another student, Mary Wood, observed, “This program has changed my life and generated meaning and purpose through theological reflection and purposeful reading assignments.”

These students lead their organizations creatively, entrepreneurially, and courageously, while being open and sensitive to the leadership of the missional God. These are exactly the objectives and outcomes Central’s DMin curriculum seeks to accomplish so that students can connect with and lead their people into the unknown and uncertain, humbly and confidently. Discerning yet actively changing, entrepreneurial yet anchored, Central’s DMin students will learn how to engage the power of change, how to lead people and organizations, and how to embrace design thinking.