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Master of Arts degree: This program has an emphasis on theological studies. It includes the M.Div. core classes plus additional courses and electives. The M.A. program serves the needs of students who want to explore the theological disciplines in preparation for additional graduate study or to become more effective in the staging church or for personal enrichment. The M.A. degree requires 48 semester credits.

Master of Divinity degree: This program offers the core curriculum for the M.Div. degree with the understanding that courses could be transferred to an accredited seminary to complete the degree. Or students may complete the M.Div. degree by completing classes online through Central Baptist Theological Seminary.

If interest warrants, Central Seminary Ann Arbor MI may offer the professional courses needed to complete the M.Div. degree in the future. (Students intending to transfer credits should consult with the site director.) Many of these courses will be offered online. The full degree requires 75 semester credits.

Certificate in Theological Studies: This program is intended for Lifelong Learning students who wish to audit master’s level courses. This program is helpful for church members and leaders who want to pursue serious theological study but who do not want to complete a degree. The certificate will be awarded upon completion of at least four courses.

For additional information or to ask questions about Central Seminary Ann Arbor E-Mail  Julie Kilmer, Ann Arbor, MI Site Coordinator and Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics.

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