Learn about Reshaping Church: Thriving Congregations!

How has your church responded to the multiple crises and pandemics we have and continue to face? How will you decide which aspects of yesterday's "normal" are worth keeping and which ones to let go? What happens when pastoring during a pandemic, leading in a liminal season, or responding to a crisis lasts much longer than you expected?  What will a "new normal" look like for your congregation as it seeks to be transformed and to transform?

If you are thinking about these topics, you are not alone. Faith leaders and communities all over the country are asking the same questions. Central Seminary invites you to join the dialogue with other pastors and churches for reflecting on unpredictable experiences, processing them in community, and using them to grow more fully into your unique expression of the Body of Christ. 

ReShaping Church is a guided process for capturing and integrating the innovation and adaptation resulting from disruptive life experiences, transforming churches into greater expressions of the body of Christ.

Central Seminary's ReShaping Church: Thriving Congregations program is a partnership with Pinnacle Leadership Associates and generously funded by the Lilly Endowment.

The 2021 ReShaping Church cohort consists of 9 congregations from various regions of the U.S. who are moving through the ReShape process with a coach from Pinnacle Leadership Associates and in a Community of Practice with other congregations in the process. Check out the ReShaping Church Conversations offered by Central Seminary below, as well as Pastor Life Podcast by Rhonda Blevins and David Brown from Pinnacle Leadership Associates.

Stay tuned for more ways you can engage Reshaping Church in 2022!!

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