Who We Are

We are dedicated to providing an inclusive environment where students from every background can pursue post-secondary seminary education that is accessible, affordable, and effective.

Who is Central Seminary?

At Central Seminary, we are dedicated to providing an inclusive environment where students from every background can pursue postsecondary seminary education that is accessible, affordable, and effective. We believe in the benefits of mentorship and constant self-assessment in guiding each individual’s spiritual journey.

Our student body benefit from a supportive environment, where everyone is encouraged to develop a unique vision for their future ministry practice. We offer diploma, masters, and doctorate level programs, as well as continuing education opportunities, and programs for Korean-speaking students.

If you feel a spiritual calling that led you to this moment, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our theological education programs. We hope you will join our dynamic community of students of faith who are seeking spiritual growth through vocational paths.

We Adapt to an Ever-Changing World

From our founding in 1901, Central Seminary has worked to continually adapt to the ever-changing world. With the increasing role of technology in our everyday life, it is no wonder the role of ministry has changed dramatically over the past several years. These digital innovations offer a whole new world of opportunity for those who want to work in faith roles and settings.

More than ever, congregations, communities, and individuals need the guidance of faith leaders who are transformative agents for change. The curricula of our programs foster innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial qualities that bring foundational knowledge and skills to life in practice. Whether you want to apply your education in traditional church settings, online platforms, or other settings, we will guide your trajectory towards your unique goals.

We Cherish Our Values

At Central Seminary, we work to express the following values:


Through disciplined learning, we can instill the knowledge and practical application to prepare the next generation of faith leaders. As a result, we offer an innovative learning environment that helps students prepare to lead in modern settings to diverse communities and congregations. Our communal approach to learning, worship, and service fosters a diverse environment where all voices are heard, and creativity is encouraged in an open environment. We aim to model justice and promote humility, love, and mercy to our student body through teachings that align with our heritage as a Christ-centered Baptist institution rooted in Trinitarian theology.

Central's Programs Are...


Dynamic and Innovative Curricula

We believe that education programs need to evolve with the changing times, global challenges, and changing landscape for faith professions. As technology opened up a whole new world of ministry opportunities, we became committed to redesigning our programs to prepare students to embrace and shape the future of ministry practice. Our courses contains the common threads of personhood, society, justice, and expression to better understand the most pressing topics affecting our global society today.


Early Promoter of Online Benefits

You can attend in-person classes at our Central Seminary locations. However, our technologically enhanced delivery system is a primary benefit for students with busy lives. With user-friendly online tools, we make it simple to interact with instructors, submit and review coursework, absorb course materials, and work with your peers.

In synchronous courses, students join in-person classes in real-time, allowing them to participate in live discussions and lectures. We also offer asynchronous class sessions that students can experience at their convenience during the week. Our belief that ministry should be adaptable and entrepreneurial will always welcome innovation  that makes our mission more impactful.


We Offer Accredited Theological Programs

Central Seminary is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission’s North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada. Maintaining accreditation is essential to providing quality programs that result in positive personal and professional outcomes for students.

We also have strong affiliations with a wide variety of denominations and non-denominational organizations throughout the country. Our affiliations and global perspective strengthen our ability to stay focused on current issues and offer cross-cultural experiences for students.

Let's Talk

Now that you know a little bit about Central Seminary, take a moment to contact us to discuss your goals. We want to learn who you are and help you determine the next steps to take in the process.

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