Understanding Yourself

imageThe Greek philosopher Socrates is credited with the quote, “Know thyself.” This good advice, but something we often ignore.

In the Doctor of Ministry in Creative Leadership, significant emphasis will be placed on students knowing themselves—spiritually, mentally, emotionally and relationally. To be an effective leader, one needs to have some concept of one’s abilities, potential, and limitations. No two persons are exactly alike. God doesn’t produce leaders on using mass production. We are unique individuals with the opportunity to make specific contributions. In the course of pursuing the Doctor of Ministry in Creative Leadership, the student will learn more about herself or himself and how to leverage that uniqueness.

Students will learn about their mental preferences and academic potentials. Individuals learn in different ways. In the DMin program, we will attempt to provide various learning experiences that fit the learning styles of the individuals involved.

Students will be challenged to grow spiritually. Too many ministry leaders “hit the wall” at a certain point because they do not have the spiritual resources to discern God’s leadership in their lives while pursuing their God-given mission. Classes will spend time on learning and practicing spiritual disciplines and discernment.

What are the personality and behavioral preferences that a person brings to leadership? Through self-assessment exercises and interaction with others, the student will become aware of the way he or she prefers to make decisions, work with teams, and process information.

Finally, students will become more aware of and learn how to develop their emotional intelligence skills—not only how they tend to relate to others but how to overcome the barriers to effective relationships.

As we come to know ourselves, we learn not only how to use our abilities but also how to ask for help or supplement our own skills with those of others. This is what leadership is about—knowing both our strengths and limitations.

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