UMI Journal Publishes First Issue

By Terrell Carter, D.Min., Director of Contextualized Learning and Co-Director of the Urban Missional Institute

Central Seminary’s Urban Missional Institute (UMI) will publish the first issue of its theological journal Sacred Conversations in April. The theme of the first issue will be “Connecting Faith and the City for Good.” An intent of the journal will be to intentionally explore the interconnectedness of all Christian communities, regardless of whether they are located within urban centers, industrial communities, or farmland.


The journal theme “Connecting Faith and the City for Good” is an outgrowth of UMI’s inaugural symposium that occurred on the seminary’s campus on October 20 and 21, 2017. Speakers for the symposium were Dr. John Perkins, a longtime leader in Christian community development, and rising academic theologian Dr. Drew G.I. Hart from Messiah College. Both speakers stressed the common calling Christians have to seek to serve the greater good of God’s kingdom consistently wherever people may find themselves.

The Sacred Conversations journal will include contributions from Central Seminary faculty and staff, as well as community leaders and scholars across multiple disciplines. In addition to publishing the journal, UMI plans to publish academic and popular level books regularly through an ongoing partnership with Chalice Press. For more information about the journal or upcoming publications or events for UMI, please contact Terrell Carter at or 913-667-5728.

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