Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity is the typical degree program for persons preparing for ordained ministry or chaplaincy.  The Master of Divinity is offered in a variety of accessible formats.  More traditional face to face classes are offered in a variety of locations - Shawnee, Wisconsin and Tennessee.  Online classes can be used for up to 2/3 of the requirements in any location.


The Master of Divinity is a vocational ministry training degree that unites classical studies oriented toward theological and spiritual formation together with training intended to assist in developing applied ministry skills.

Learning Outcomes

Three major learning outcomes are associated with the goal of theological and spiritual formation:

  1. become theologically articulate,
  2. gain the basics of biblical knowledge needed for ministry, and
  3. demonstrate practices indicative of spiritual health. 

Two major learning outcomes are associated with applied ministry skills:

  1. develop qualities conducive to being humanly sensitive and
  2. attain essential professional competencies for ministry. 

Master of Divinity Degree Suggested Order of Study

The Master of Divinity degree requires the successful completion of 75 credit hours. Students can complete the M.Div. degree in four years with full­-time study. To assist students, the faculty has prepared a suggested order of study that begins with Biblical Studies, Spiritual Formation, Christian Heritage, and Theology followed by Proclamation, Pastoral Theology, Ethics, and Ministry Praxis. Students should consult with their Faculty Advisor to develop a plan of study.


(All classes are 3 credit hours)

HB501 Hebrew Bible I
HB502 Hebrew Bible II
NT501 New Testament I
NT502 New Testament II
CH501 Christian Heritage I
CH502 Christian Heritage II
TH501 Constructive Theology I
TH502 Constructive Theology II
ET501 Christian Ethics
ET502 Ministry Ethics
CS501 Formation for Christian Ministry
CS502 Spiritual Formation and Adult Human Development
PR501 Homiletics
PR502 The Practice of Preaching
PR503 The Worshiping Church
PR504 Biblical Exegesis and Hermeneutics
PT501 Caring Ministries of the Church
PT502 Counseling Ministries of the Church
MP501 Basics of Contemporary Christian Witness
MP502 Church’s Worship and Rituals
MP503 Ministry Dynamics*
ELECTIVES** (Students must complete 12 credit hours from elective courses.)

*Students may complete Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) as a substitute for MP503 Ministry Dynamics. Up to six credits hours may be granted for one unit of CPE. Three credit hours substitute for MP503, and three credit hours granted as elective credit.

**Baptist students are strongly encouraged to take CH503 Baptist Denominational Studies, which meets the expectations for ordination in the American Baptist Churches USA and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.